You have invited many guests or few guests but did you think about how to entertain them?This is your Most Special Day and you can make a Special day for your guests too,here are few ideas you might like:

Have Props and Back Drops

You can buy few props like fake mustache,hats,lips or shaped glasses ,they can try it on and prepare a nice background where they can stand front of it and have fun!You can ask your Wedding Photographer to capture it 😉

Prepare a Candy Buffet

It is a fun way to have some sweets and looks good as a decoration,add some lollipops too…

Kids Room

If you have invited families with kids,you can keep them entertained too,you might need some balloons,props,crayons and some coloring books…some cartoons on tv would be great too!


If your budget allows,hire a caricaturist,that will keep your guests busy and entertained for sure!it is very popular and creates a good laughter…


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