December 10th,we drove to Soverby Guest House in Stellenbosch to meet Carla-Marié where she was getting ready for the Big Day.When the first time we visited Soverby Guest House to get some ideas for photo shoot,I just fell in love right there with romantic and country styled Soverby with all those ivy and trees surrounding the buildings,little fountain in the garden with arch,porch right outside the rooms with couches and chairs,those shutters attached to walls with reflection of trees,beautifully arranged rooms and bathroom with an elegant bathtub…We got some nice shots walking around Soverby then headed to Skilpadvlei Farm where ceremony and reception would take a place.The dinner was lighted with candles in the high ceiling dinning room was very romantic.After the ceremony we explored Skilpadvlei Farm and enjoyed the view,vineyards and sunset over Stellenbosch…

Carla-Marié and Rudi met in Stellenbosch where they were both undergrad students in 2006 and after two weeks of dating they knew they were soul mates.Rudi proposed between the vines right down on one knee,was so romantic she says.She got her ideas and inspirations  from internet and magazine articles on weddings but got her final vision after she decided to have the Wedding in Skilpavlei Farm which was perfect choice for them because it was stunning to have summer wedding and also located in Stellenbosch where they met and lived.

Carla-Marié’s advise to brides to be be organized,have a folder of ideas in your head,be flexible with your choices,don’t worry about small stuff,involve your future husband with wedding preparations and remember wedding day lasts a day but marriage is a lifetime so enjoy your special day <3

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