Bride’s bouquet is a part of her Wedding outfit,she will be having lots of photos taken with it so it is important how she carries it.

There are three basic types of bouquets :arm,cascade and snowball.

Arm bouquet is made from long stem flowers and doesn’t have a handle.It mostly looks best laying along one of your arms with blossoms nestled into the crook of your arm.You can place your free hand on your waist or wrap your fingers around the stems,when it is time to have your photos taken you can use both holding type to create different looks.Also remember not to cover front of your wedding gown.

Snowball and cascade bouquets are very similar, but snowball is round and cascade is lengthen with flowers flowing out and down.They both have handles,remember to hold your wrists close to your hips and  make sure your bouquet is pointing at the camera,not down or up!

Once you decide what type of bouquet you want for your wedding,you can start practicing front of mirror.Also an idea which can help you decide about your wedding bouquet is your physical size.According to your body you can choose your bouquet to reveal your body.Tall bride may have cascades and petite bride may carry snowball bouquet to bring out their shape!

Always remember to look up,let your wrists rest on your hipbones,lower your bouquet and smile to camera!

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