One thing for sure,Wedding Day is not the day you try “something new” with your hair style or make up design…There will be millions photos will be taken that you will look at for next 50 years! I don’t mean you shouldn’t do something  special with your hair and make up but improve your current styles you like to to use when you want to look best.

I recommend you should do a trial run to make sure you try on your make up,head piece and your veil.Creating a great make up and hair deserves your attention.For trial run,when you are having your hair done just like it supposed to be in your wedding day, you should as well have with whoever is going to help you put the headpiece.For make up,consider taking notes on which lipstick and blush colors used. Also keep in mind,if you think you might not be able to hold back your tears,talk to your make up artist to make sure your make up lasts till the last frame of your wedding shots!

Remember you are only going to get one chance to look best at your wedding photographs…

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