Benefits of a second shooter at your wedding

A feature from day one in 2010 when DK Photography was launched, we are firm believers that two is better than one. Here are some benefits of a second shooter.

All our wedding photography packages (except the coronavirus package) will always have 2 professional wedding photographers. To be clear, I, Deniz Koksal owner f DK Photography, will always be the lead photographer. The second shooter is just that, a second shooter to support me.

There are a number of benefits of a second shooter, but the main benefits are listed below.

Bride and Groom getting ready

Many weddings I have been involved in, the bride and groom get ready in different locations. This makes it almost impossible for 1 photographer to get pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. Or with parents, family, friends for that matter BEFORE the wedding. The way all our weddings start is that I go to the bride’s venue, and the second shooter goes to the groom’s venue. We then document the day with them until we meet at the church or wedding venue.

Different angles

Once we are at the ceremony, I and the second shooter are now together. This gives the opportunity for the second shooter to look for different angles. Generally, I am always close to the bride and groom. I advise the second shooter to look for unique angles, from a distance or if there is anything around which adds interest. We are blessed with some stunning and unique wedding venues and there is always something different that the second shooter can do. Some of this may not be possible if it was just me. Another example, when the bride walks down the aisle, we ideally want the reaction of both the bride and groom… how is this possible by myself? It is not, so the second shooter covers the bride and I cover the groom’s reaction.

Gear and equipment

Sometimes I may need a handheld flash to be positioned a distance away from I am taking the picture. The second shooter would help me with this. This does not happen often but could be the difference in creating a masterpiece of a shot. Also, in case of emergency or equipment malfunction, with a second shooter, we have a number of backup equipment available immediately. Many times it will go unnoticed by the bride and room

The Little inbetween unnoticed shots

I sometimes ask the second shooter to hide behind a tree or something like that and focus on the couple when they think nobody is looking. This usually creates very emotional and real photographs. This is not always possible with just 1 photographer and the second shooter allows for this luxury. There is just so much more one can cover with a second shooter.

Two brains are better than one

Having two professional wedding photographers on the day gives you the luxury of having different perspectives. There may be something one sees and the other does not. We complement each other and brainstorm the day together to ensure nothing is missed and stunning venues and locations are maximised to the fullest.

So, once again, rest assured that all our standard wedding packages include 2 professional wedding photographers, and I am always the lead photographer