Your Wedding Day might be around the corner or few months ahead,no matter when,you want to look stunning as the center of all the attention and you will take your Prince’s breath away,along with all the guests ….Here are few tips might help you to add some sparkle on your natural beauty!

Here they come:

* Use Water Proof Mascara – It will be many romantic,special and unforgettable moments in your Wedding Day and most brides cry so make sure you are ready for it!

* Have some Backups – It is a day to remember,so make sure you are prepared for unexpected,surprises.You can stash a bag with some safety pins and sewing kit,make up back up for some touch ups like lipstick,foundation and powder,hairbrush and hair spray too.

*Relax – I think this is the most important advise for the Day.Some brides stress too much to make sure everything runs smooth,since this is your day you also need to enjoy yourself,remind yourself to smile and enjoy!

*Hydrate – Make sure you drink lots of water,it will make your skin glow.It also lowers the body fat,improves digestion and helps getting rid of dark circles under your eyes.

*Eat well – Eat small amounts and eat healthy,that will help your skin look radiant.For example skin will benefit from eating orange a day,also eat fresh fruits,nuts,dried fruits,salads and green leafy vegetables.

*Exercise – Keeping body active like at least 10 minutes walk a day will help the metabolism.

*Natural Look – Try not to have heavy make up,natural look is more attractive.

*Don’t try anything new – right before your Wedding Day,trying something new might not be a good idea.If you want to try new mask or facial treatment,try it 6 months before or you might end up having red spots on your skin.

I hope these tips can help a bit on Your Big Day,remember no matter what,you will be the Most Beautiful Girl on your Wedding Day 🙂


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