After a long winter,we were very excited to shoot Azelia & Shaun’s Wedding and be part of their special day,it was December 4th,we crossed our fingers for best weather-clear blue sky and fabulous sunset and we got what we asked for!After a beautiful and very emotional ceremony,we headed for a photo shoot before the Reception.The Reception was in Bloemendal which had panoramic view of Cape Peninsula,we had the best view of Cape Town and stunning sunset over Robben Island.

Azelia and Shaun met 9 years ago,they were dance partners to do a dance.Azelia says when they met for the first time,she knew they were meant to be together.Shaun proposed March 2009 and Azelia said she was so suprised and it was so romantic.

Azelia’s advise to brides-to-be,plan your own wedding,enjoy the experience and do it the way you like it!

We wish Azelia and Shaun all the best and happily ever after <3


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